Public Beta of the MORMED Multilingual Social Networking Platform for Lupus

The MORMED multilingual social networking platform for Lupus is now available for everyone to use in the form of a public beta version. Once you log on to MORMED you become part of a growing multilingual community and you can exchange ideas and discuss issues around rare diseases. You can now be part of the communication flow, without worrying of the language the information is written in. The platform automatically translates the content in four languages (English, German, Spanish, Hungarian), so that you connect to interested peers regardless of your native language.

The innovative multilingual social networking platform, exclusively for interested parties in the Lupus disease, offers unique characteristics, such as near-real time translation of user-generated content in four languages (i.e. English, German, Spanish, Hungarian) and cross-language intelligent information processing features (e.g. tag suggestion, semantic search, relevant content recommendations, etc.). Make sure to visit  for a free account to start using the MORMED platform right away.