MORMED Successfully Completes the Second Review Meeting

The second MORMED review took place at the EC Language Technologies Unit headquarters in Luxemburg on 26 April 2012. MORMED partners presented the project’s achievements for the second year. The working release of the MORMED platform was shown in detail by LTC and a full system walkthrough was presented to the Project Officer and the Reviewers. Next, the cross-language intelligent information processing capabilities of the MORMED platform were explained by SEERC. This was followed by adoption and evaluation activities by the medical partners. Moreover, LTC presented the translation workflows involved in the MORMED platform and the role of machine translation within these processes. The consortium presentations concluded with the illustration of dissemination and exploitation activities and project management tasks.

The Reviewers and the Commission provided very positive feedback and made reference to specific points for further improvement. They noted the project’s potential for long-term sustainability and its capacity to generate high impact, key factors assisting towards future applicability and success. Specific measures to reach even higher translation quality levels were also suggested.

The project now enters its final stage, in which the platform is being fully deployed and assessed, and its commercial potential is being explored.

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Multi-lingual & Organic Information Management in the Medical Domain

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