Final project review with excellent results

The final review of the MORMED project took place on 28 November 2012 at Luxembourg. SEERC (coordinator) initiated the meeting and provided an overview of the project, followed by a presentation of the Lupus disease (the thematic focus of the MORMED social networking site) performed by KCL. Next, LTC presented the final version of the MORMED platform and showcased the backend translation workflows and intelligent information processing capabilities of the software. LTC continued, by explaining the use of various MTs in the translation process and the wide set of linguistic resources assembled during the project. Then, KCL presented the platform’s evaluation, using an inclusive assessment framework, followed by the presentation of the MORMED market analysis and business plan performed by LTC. The medical partners (KCL, UMZ, UD MSHC, HCPB) reported their positive experiences during the platform’s deployment and use, followed by an invited external user testimonial (Angie Davidson, campaign director of the St Thomas' Lupus Trust). The partners’ presentations concluded with the dissemination and exploitation report and the project management final update.

 The reviewers were enthused with the project’s outcomes and the commitment by the consortium to support the MORMED platform after the end of the project. The Project Officer highlighted the beneficial character of the delivered results to the end-users and congratulated the project’s members for their excellent performance.

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