Target Users

MORMED intends to meet the needs of the community of individuals interested in lupus or antiphospholipid syndrome (Hughes syndrome) by creating an efficient way of sharing knowledge.
The community of individuals focusing on lupus and Hughes syndrome involves:

  1. Researchers and scientists;
  2. Medical doctors, general practitioners (GPs), medical consultants and other experts requiring information on rare diseases (lupus and Hughes syndrome);
  3. Patients - possibly represented by patient support groups, family and/or friends.

These individuals require information exchange at an international level. The proposed solution enables communication between them in an interactive and language-neutral way. Researchers and scientists could communicate their research advancements or post recruitment information for clinical trials. GPs could access valuable information on latest trends to assist them while dealing with and supporting patients. Moreover, GPs could provide case studies to researchers. Finally, patients and their family and friends could share their experiences and concerns and exchange ideas on best practises to fight these diseases.

MORMED offers ways to promote sociality and knowledge commonality among the people focusing on these rare diseases, regardless of the language in which they choose to express themselves or their background. So, individuals with restricted foreign language competencies are not excluded, rather they are accommodated to participate and contribute.