The MORMED platform aims to promote the creation of online communities and groups with similar interests, where people can share information in an informal way. These groups can be administered and moderated by one or more individuals. The group participants will have permissions and rights assigned by administrators. Visibility of content and data privacy issues can also be managed in a group- or individual-based manner, reassuring that no information is exposed to unauthorized access.

The users of MORMED will be able to post their experiences, concerns, research results or news items in a straightforward way, thus triggering discussions and comments, and promoting sociality. User friendly tools will support the authoring of content.

It will be possible to annotate all published content with descriptive tags. Suitable tags will be suggested by analysing the content in a semantically-enhanced way. These tags will contribute to building a community-enriched taxonomy of terms descriptive of the specific domain. Thus, users will benefit from targeted search results, grouped views of the published content and many more features.

The MORMED platform will employ mechanisms that will not only allow users to retrieve the desired information, but also have information relevant to their interests "pushed" automatically (notification, RSS feeds). Moreover, user profiles will be analysed (favourite content, tags used, etc.) and conclusions will be drawn in order to enhance the quality of recommendations.

To overcome the language barrier, MORMED will offer content in multiple languages. Efficient translation tools offering pro-active or on-demand translation of the content will be integrated into the platform. In cases where high quality translations are required, human experts will be engaged in the translation process. Platform users will be able to rate the quality of translations and thus trigger the post-edition of content items with low ratings.